Soooo cute

Euphorbia SuzannaeAfter going to pick out two baby rats to adopt from RatzRealm (soooooo cute), I drove to California Cactus Center to pick this succulent up. It’s called a euphorbia suzannae.

I first found out about it from Kitty Genius and had to get one for my desk. It looks like a toy, but it’s a real plant!

California Cactus Center is GREAT. They have all sorts of succulents that I’ve never seen before. They even have these weird ones from South America that kind of look like goatse — scary. The people who worked there were also nice and helpful without being overbearing like some people in stores are. I couldn’t remember the full name of the cactus, but as soon as I said “Suzanne” they knew what I was talking about. I’m definitely going to go back there and pick out some more succulents once I figure out where I can put them.

Light Painting

I finally got a tripod so that I can play with longer exposure times. And what’s good about long exposure times? Light painting.

This was my first try at it. I’m still trying to perfect getting the moving limbs part more exposed so that they’re not so blurry and transparent. I think this is why people use an external flash?