Working at a Startup

Juixe TechKnow wrote up a few things about working at a startup. I bolded one that’s VERY true and sometimes really annoying.

* In a startup, you can have any title you want, say VP of Version Control, but no one reports to you other than yourself.
* In a startup, if you code it, break it, test it, or fix it then you own it.
* In a startup, if one guy call in sick a third of your development team is out.
* In a startup, if you been there longer than 3 years you are most likely been there longer than your CEO.
* In a startup, you have more hats than the Queen of England, and you wear multiple hats at the same time.
* One year in a startup equals 2.7 in a large corporations.
* Would you rather start a startup or upstart a business?

On a different note, I opened up a Twitter account mostly for stalking other Twitter people. I scoffed at it at first when my ex-coworker told me about it, but it’s strangely addictive. If you have twitter and would like to add me, my Twitter name is: NakedSushi

Kitty Genius Print

Kitty Genius Print
Ashley over at Kitty Genius sent me this print as a thank-you gift. I finally went out and got a frame for it from the art store. I wasn’t sure if I should mat it or not, now that it’s hanging on the wall, I think it looks pretty good unmatted.