Trackback2Flickr (version doh!)

Note: I took the download link down because there was one crucial step I forgot to list.  I’ll revise this and repost it in a few days after I figure out the workflow for that step.

If, like me, you have tons of pictures on your account which you use on your blog, you probably want more integration between the two pages. More specifically, I wanted a trackback to my flickr page every time I linked to a picture from my blog.

Enter Trackback2Flickr.

Example of Trackback2Flickr

What is it?
Trackback2Flickr will post a description to each flickr photo page which gets mentioned in your WordPress blog entries. The post will include a link back to the blog entry.

What do I need?
A wordpress blog, a flickr account with a flickr username, and photos.

(installation instructions after the jump)
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The Martinez Re-visited

I was already a fan of a Martinez over a Martini and making it with Ransom Old Tom Gin is a real treat. The gin is an unusual (for gin) brown color and has slightly sweeter taste to it thanks to the added malt. I like it because it doesn’t taste like a bottle of Pine-Sol although now that I think of it, the brown color makes it look more like Pine-Sol.  The coloring comes from the gin resting in Pinot Noir barrels, which is supposed to replicate the journey across the Atlantic on ships in the old days.

The Martinez

In a Martinez, the Ransom blends perfectly with the thick sweetness of the sweet vermouth and the herbacious (as the BF likes to call it) bitterness of Boker’s Bitters. The drink is a delicate balance of sweet and medicinal, which makes it a relaxing sipping drink.

OCD Tool: PackageTrackr

package_trackrI don’t know about you, but whenever I order anything online, I have to track its shipping status every hour.  Now we all got along fine before all this hi-tech package tracking came about, but now that it’s here, I can’t stop looking at it.  It’s as if the package will get lost if I don’t track it personally. Silly, I know.

But what happens if I’m not sitting in front of a computer??  This is where packagetrackr comes in handy.  Especially now that the iPhone has copy/paste.  I can just copy the tracking number from my email to this site and it’ll display the tracking neatly and concisely on my phone without having to go through the shipping service’s (USPS, I’m talking about you) slow ass site.  It really is a fantastic for people who like staring at their tracking status, willing their package to move faster.