Excellent Support from Griffin

I love it when companies have fanastic customer support and Griffin is one of them. My Griffin Nu Form (review) case started to peel at the bottom. This was unfortunate because that’s my favorite part of the case! It feels so good, like those old mouse balls before laser mouses become popular.

Anyway, I noticed that Griffin had a twitter account, so I tweeted them complaining about the peeling. They responded, pointed me to customer service, and within days, I had a brand new replacement NuForm case waiting for me at my door-step free of charge. It was so quick and painless I couldn’t believe it.

iPhone Tip: Screenshots instead of Interweb

I was in Canada for a day or two this weekend and didn’t want to get charged outrageous data-roaming fees on my iPhone so I turned data-roaming off. While in the hotel, where I had free wifi, I looked up the addresses I needed to go to in the map apps and took a screenshot (press the power key and the home key at the same time) of any screens that would come in handy. I also took a screenshot of a google doc I had of all my flight info in case I needed to look anything up.

This may not be the best solution, but having a couple of screenshots came in handy when I needed to figure out if one street was north of the other, and what my flight number was.