Another Brilliant Dream

I had another great idea come to me in a dream last night.

In my dream, my co-worker was showing me his iPod touch and a new application he installed on it. It made the touch screen into a telephone keypad and he could call people over VOIP. It basically made his iPod touch into an iPhone without the extra cost and service contracts.

I dreamed of my Halosexual Ex

I had a dream about my Halosexual Ex last night. In my dream, he was coming to my house to pick up my little sister or some other female relative and I wondered if he was going to come to the door or stay in the car. When he pulled up to the curb, he stayed in the car, so I went out to say hello. To my surprise, he responded and said he wasn’t upset with me anymore. It felt like our friendship was back again.

When I woke up, I realized it was a dream, but still missed him. It’s such a weird feeling; I can’t tell if I miss him, or just miss the friendship we had together.

I would like to say that maybe the dream was the result of one of my subconscious wants, but Mr. Psyche-masters-degree Berklee completely disagrees with that theory. Even if that theory explains this dream, it doens’t really explain my usual weird dreams of being chased down by the mafia and shot in the leg. I’d still like an explanation for that one.

Don’t look at the clock

A combination of taking too many caffeinated pills and the loudest thunder I’ve ever heard in my life left me sleepless last night. I wasn’t completely awake the entire night, but rather, on the verge of falling asleep and being awake. It’s when my mind’s between the waking world and the sleeping that I start to scare myself.

Last night, I was afraid of looking at my clock because I thought that as soon as I did, I would die. At first, this doesn’t make much sense, but it actually does. I think in my half-asleep state, I was thinking that I shouldn’t look at the clock because it would only make me worry and think, “Oh no, it’s 4am and I’m still not asleep!” But then, my imagination took over and made me think that lasers were shooting out of the green LEDs in my clock and if I looked at them, I would spontaneously combust and die.

When I woke up this morning, I laughed at how silly I was the night before to be scared of an immobile object on my nightstand.