Baby Quilt

baby quiltI finished making my first quilt last weekend. I got the idea from the chenille patchwork blanket tutorial. I didn’t put in any of that poofy quilting material in between the fabric and the fleece that I have on the back, so the quilt’s more like a blanket: thin. It’s for my cousin’s baby who’s not even one yet. Considering this quilt is big enough for a single grown person, I hope this will last her a long time.

The quilt was pretty easy to sew. The part that took the longest and was most tedious was cutting and measuring. I hate cutting and measuring. If it weren’t for those two, I would sew things more often.

DSLite case (in pink!)

443I spent Saturday making this purse for my DSLite. It could have gone faster if I had actually thought the pattern through beforehand, but I mostly just cut and sewed on the fly. This is actually the 2nd try with this fabric. The first time I tried it, I cut the fabric a little too small, so all I can use that piece for is a DSLite sock. The sock’s pretty thin, so it won’t be good protection against bumps, but I might still make use of it when I don’t want a case that’s too padded.

Pirate Apparel circa 2005

Pirate ShirtI made the BF a pirate shirt the other day. I printed the design out of the computer, traced over it with this iron-on-transfer pen, ironed it on the shirt, and tada! Unfortunately, some of the paper also got ironed onto the shirt so it looks kind of uh…”rugged”. Hopefully it’ll look better after a wash.

Pirate HatI also made this skull and crossbones patch to decorate the BF’s plain black hat. I couldn’t really decide if I wanted to sew it in the center of the hat or on the side. Eventually, I figured that too many hats had designs in the center and I wanted to make something different.

I think if there are still pirates around today (which I’m sure there still are), they’d wear this type of apparel.