The BF’s Scarf

I finally finished the BF’s scarf. It took almost two years, because I had run out of the original yarn and couldn’t find the same colors in any store. I finally settled on adding a third color in: the greyish green. I’m hoping the colors match in a “hey, we’re all autumn colors” sort of way.

Crochet Slippers

crochet slippersI made these crochet slippers a day or two ago when I saw them on They’re really quick to make since I used two strands of yarn. They keep my feet warm, but it feels weird to walk on them on hardwood floors because they’re so textured. I might need to put in some insoles to fix that. They’re also kind of slippery on my floor, so I got some puffy paint and put some designs on the bottom and that seemed to help.

Laptop Sleeve

laptop sleeve
I needed a laptop sleeve to keep my macbook in when I want carry it in a bag but not bring my laptop bag around. Everyone has those generic looking black neoprene sleeves, so I wanted something that stood out. I found a little less than a yard of this fabric and at first, I was going to use it for a quilt, but realized I wouldn’t have enough for that, so I used it for this laptop sleeve instead. I doubled up on the padding because one layer didn’t seem like enough. The padding was such a pain to sew through because I had to manually adjust my sewing machine so that it would take something so thick. The sleeve is a little snug, but I think the padding will thin out with time and it’ll fit better.