Hot Kum Toddy

A few days ago, my old co-worker Ken-ichi (who’s now devoting more time to iNaturalist) remarked that I rarely write about cocktails anymore. I told him it’s because since I moved, I haven’t been filling the ice-cube trays, so whenever I do feel like a drink, there’s no ice in the house to make one.

Well, here’s one that doesn’t require an ice-cube: a hot kumquat toddy featuring kumquat jam. It’s all natural because I made the kumquat jam myself. It’s nothing but kumquats, sugar, and water. Even the pectin was extracted by me, instead of bought in a store.

hot toddy w/ homemade jam
Cheers to you, Ken-ichi!

Cocktails @ The Tasting Kitchen

Although I still have tons to say and lots of pictures to post of my trip to Asia, let’s go back to our regularly scheduled programming for a bit.

A few weeks ago, I finally made it to The Tasting Kitchen on that trendy strip of Abbot Kinney in Venice thanks to a write-up about it on eatdrinknbmerry.  Although the dishes on their menu, an emphasis on house-made pasta, were all things I’d eat, so far I’ve only tried their cocktails.

On my first visit there, Devin Espinosa (you may have heard of him from such films as BreadBar’s Hatchi Mix Series) was tending the bar and was full of smiles and enthusiasm.

Little Italy & Snacks

I asked him to make me a Little Italy and he admitted that he wasn’t familiar with the drink, but after he learned the ingredients, he proceeded to make it wonderfully. Deceptively good for a first try.

Hot Toddy

My cousin, who accompanied me, was feeling under the weather so I suggested she order a Hot Toddy. As luck would have it, The Tasting Kitchen has a special version of the drink with freshly squeezed ginger.  This was one of the best Hot Toddy’s I’d ever tasted.  It was warm, boozy, and slightly sweet with the punch-in-the-face spice of ginger. My cousin was feeling much better after that.

Vieux Carré

Will ordered a Vieux Carré and when he tasted what Devin mixed up, he declared it one of the best Vieux Carré’s he’d ever had.

From the handful of drinks we ordered, I could see that Devin is skilled in the art of balancing drinks.  I was afraid that the various bottles of house-made bitters, cherries were all for show, but after my first sip, my fears were quelled. The only negative thing I can say about The Tasting Kitchen’s drinks is that they’re all the way in Venice, which is a long way to drive if I’m at home on the east side.

The Tasting Kitchen
1633 Abbot Kinney Boulevard
Venice, CA 90291-3744
(310) 392-6644