On Breastfeeding Part 1

Before having a newborn, I was in denial about breastfeeding.  Almost everyone who has breastfed their newborn more than a few weeks have told me that it’s tough, but I was still naive enough to think that it wouldn’t be so hard.  It’s what women have been doing for thousands of years before the invention of formula, so how hard could it be?  Oh how wrong I was.  I now am a believer when women say breastfeeding is tough.

I wanted to share my experience with breastfeeding and say that it does get better!  The first couple of weeks was pretty tough and I know I was complaining a lot to my friends about it, but thankfully they were great and the ones who did successfully breastfeed were wonderful at cheering me on and convincing me to stick with it.  Although I’m definitely in the pro-breastfeeding camp, I completely understand why some women need to use formula.

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Robin’s Birth Story

Just the facts:

On Sunday morning I went into labor at 10 in the morning.  I labored at home and my water broke around 1pm.  After that, I labored some more, had another water breakage with meconium in it, so decided it was a good idea to head to the hospital since things were progressing steadily according to our doula.

At the hospital, when I was first checked, I was 3cm. Then I labored in the delivery room and got checked and was 7cm.  I labored some more.  The next check showed 9.5cm with an anterior lip that they didn’t want to push out of the way. Labored some more, still had a lip, and the doctors decided to move it out of the way. After that, it was pushing until the baby came out at 12:53am on September 2nd.  Other than having pitocin to control the bleeding after the placenta came out, I had a 15 hour, natural, unmedicated birth.

Robin is 8.5lbs, healthy, and nursing really well.

me and robin

Long version with gory details after the jump. Please be sure to have your Bubble of Peace on!

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