Some Highlights of Our Trip

I don’t want to spend that long editing photos while still on vacation, but here are some highlights so far.


Our friend Eddie in HK took us to a wonderful vegetarian restaurant that was miles above any veggie place we’ve been to in LA.  Afterward, he took us to The Peak, which involves a tram ride leading to a spectacular view of the Hong Kong skyline at night.


When we checked into our hotel in Beitou, Taiwan (a hot springs city) we found out that we got an upgraded room for free! The upgraded room had its own private hot springs water piped into a gigantic, deep tub.  Will was also finally convinced of the virtues of a sit-down shower.


Our view from the Beitou hotel.  It’s in a more urban location than I thought, but there are some nice, rolling hills and a stream a bit further down the road.


One of the simple things I love about visiting places like China and Taiwan is the fresh produce and fruit markets. They’re just small storefronts, but with really fresh smelling fruits and vegetables.


Made it to Shilin night market our first night in Taiwan. It wasn’t as big as I pictured and most stands were serving the same foods (oyster omelette, noodles, bittermelon shakes, skewered meat, stinky tofu, etc.).  The bittermelon shakes are worth the visit though — not at all that bitter and with a crisp, green taste.  Can’t wait for this trend to hit the US.


Fruit stands in the street! You pick out the already cut up, bite sized fruits, they weigh it, you pay, and then you eat it on a stick.  Some fruits they have there that we don’t usually eat in LA: cherimoya, sour peach, tomatoes stuffed with dates, and green mango.


A super secret, high end sushi restaurant in Taiwan.  So secret that I had to get special permission to take photos in the restaurant and even then, I had to promise not to post pictures of the dishes. I had so many different creatures of the sea I had never had before.  Clean, delicate flavors, and a relaxed atmosphere. The chef was also super friendly and warm. Best sushi I’ve had in my life.


Our main hotel in Taiwan.  Affordable, hip usage of a small space. Lovely.

A Celebration of Chinese Food

To celebrate Chinese New Years week, the BF and I decided to make Chinese food dinners for the whole week.

chinese dinner
Braised tofu sheets, bittermelon and scrambled eggs, and stir fried bok choy. I think this is the first time the BF attempted to make 3 dishes for one meal.

chinese dinner
The next night, I made vegetarian pot-stickers. Because I didn’t make the wrapper from scratch, this actually didn’t take that long. The only time consuming thing is wrapping the dumplings, but with two people, one package of wrappers goes by fairly quickly.

chinese dinner
We wanted to take a break from eating too much greasy and savory stuff, so the BF made porridge one night. The porridge is about 1:9 rice to water. So that it’s not so plain, he topped it with chopped onions and shiitake mushrooms sauteed together. We also had some tea eggs in the fridge, so we threw that in there too.

chinese dinner
I was at work late and wanted to cook something quick and easy, which is why I decided on broccoli stir fry on my last night of cooking. Maybe broccoli beef is more Chinese American food, but it was still good. For the sauce, I used soy sauce, rice wine, water, garlic, and some potato starch to thicken.

Changing Hosts

I’m in the middle of switching my hosts.  I’ve been with one for years, but always had problems and was too lazy to switch, but since my annual contract is up soon, I finally motivated myself enough to switch to a better provider.  Things should still be working fine for now, but just in case, if you come here through, the more reliable way is to come through because that domain is already set up.