City of Gold

When I heard about this documentary being made years ago, I have to admit that I wasn’t that enthusiastic about it. Because of his larger than life persona around certain circles in Los Angeles, I concerned that the film would be heavy on idolatry. Fortunately, after viewing it at the LA premiere last night (thanks for the invite, JG!), my concerns were proven wrong. Instead of a documentary about a man, it’s a touching documentary about a man’s love of Los Angeles.

Gold mentions how people who live in LA have to suffer through being explained what LA is by visitors who stay a few days and who presume to know the city. In this film, you feel the opposite. You can tell it’s made by Angelenos who have lived through the good and bad of LA.

Years ago, I was faced with the choice of leaving Los Angeles, where I grew up. Part of me was sick of traffic and the fact that everyone was always late to everything. Watching City of Gold made me so happy that I stayed.

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