Not Your Mama’s Liang’s Kitchen

The last time I had dined at Liang’s Kitchen in Monterey Park, years ago, it was still full of KMT memorabilia and served Taiwanese comfort food. This recent time I paid it a visit, it was definitely changed. The menu resembles that of Shaanxi Gourmet instead of just another Taiwanese noodle joint.

Mama Liang

I saw there was a poster on the wall advertising some sort of offal on a stick, in a cauldron. Sounded like a safe bet, right? When it came, it was everything that was advertised: soft, chewy offal twisted around a skewer and boiled in a fragrant broth. By itself, it was fairly bland, but dipped in the plate of chili oil that also came, it was fantastic.

Mama Liang

It was a chilly night, so I wanted to warm up with a warm bowl of noodles. I ordered the lamb noodle soup with wide noodles. The soup and chewy noodles hit the spot. I couldn’t resist adding a splash of vinegar to the broth, which elevated it to another level.

Mama Liang

My mother ordered the dry beef tendon noodles, also with wide noodles, and was extremely pleased. The garlicky sauce and beef coated the noodles nicely and the touch of sweetness tied the whole dish together.

The old menu at Liang’s was alright, but it wasn’t something that called to us. With the discovery of this new changed menu, I think my family has a new place to add to the list of favorites nearby.

Liang’s Kitchen
788 S Atlantic Blvd
Monterey Park, CA 91754
(626) 282-8238

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