Tacos at Colonia Taco Lounge

I visited Colonia Taco Lounge for lunch and was met with a disappointment: the cauliflower taco I was intent on ordering was out!  Luckily, there were still plenty of tacos to choose from on the board and I was still pretty happy with my three choices.

Colonial Taco Lounge

Campion: This taco was ridiculously good. Crispy bacon, crumbly, rich cheese, and creamy, ripe avocado.  The slices of green onion were a surprise and added a great accent to the taco by cutting down on the richness.


Colonial Taco Lounge

Doraditos: Potato and cheese taco that’s fried till crisp, then topped with lightly-dressed lettuce, a cream sauce, and more cheese. What’s not to like about this one? It comes from the kitchen hot and crispy so be careful not to burn your mouth on it.


Colonial Taco LoungeChayote: A spicy stew of chayote, tomatoes, corn, and onions.  This taco had quite a kick.  By default, it’s vegetarian, but cheese can be left off for vegans.

I convinced Will to go with me the next day to try some more tacos and scored this second time. Cauliflower tacos!


Colonia taco lounge

Cauliflower: These are a great vegetarian (not vegan because the batter has butter!) alternative to the fish taco.  Strangely, this was served on a flour tortilla instead of a corn one.  The batter was crispy while the cauliflower inside still had a firm and satisfying texture.  The cream sauce and corn brought this to a whole other level.


Colonia taco lounge

Lengua/tongue: This was tender and spicy.  It was good but didn’t stand out from the other tongue tacos I’ve had.


I had high hopes for Colonia Taco Lounge and it did not disappoint. The corn tortillas are flavorful. The taco fillings are satisfying. The michelada is thirst-quenching with the right amount of kick. The only thing I don’t like about this place is it’s too far from my house.


Colonia Taco Lounge

13030 E. Valley Blvd
La Puente, CA 91746

(626) 363-4691

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