Surviving Vaginapocalypse

This is how I’m currently surviving vaginapocalypse.  I don’t know why people go on and on about the pain of actual labor.  That’s a breeze compared to the recovery period afterward.  I’d rather have another labor than have to deal with a long recovery period.  Here are some things that are helping:




Take a menstrual pad, squirt a healthy 3 squirts of witch hazel (alcohol-free!), wrap it back up, and put into a large ziplock freezer bag. Stick it in the freezer.  Use directly out of the freezer when desired. Make about 24 of these to get you past the first couple of days.  It’s like an ice-pack for down there! It seriously feels great and it reduces the swelling.


Hemorrhoid Pads:

Not just for hemorrhoids! Keep these by your toilet. They’re moist and cool and you can use them to wipe, which is gentler than the softest toilet paper you can find.  These also have witch hazel or other stuff on it to help with the swelling.


Perri Bottle:

I got two from the hospital. Fill almost up to the top with cold water. Put in a squirt or two of witch hazel. Squirt it down there after you use the restroom, kinda like a bidet.  Cleans stuff off a lot better than wiping with a scratchy piece of toilet paper or even the hemorrhoid pad.

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