The Third Trimester

People were not kidding when they said the third trimester was the toughest. Since I had a fairly easy first and second trimester, I thought I could breeze on by with the third, but fat chance! Things didn’t really get uncomfortable until the last month.  Up until then, I felt pretty normal. But in the last month, I feel huge! It’s definitely harder to move around because of sore and swollen joints, and the 90-degree heat is probably not helping things.

I’m glad I took off my wedding ring because if I had left it on, there’s no way it would be able to come off now.  The joints on my fingers have swollen so much that when I wake up in the middle of the night, I can’t even bend them.  During the day, it’s hard to do anything that requires finger-strength, so I guess no thumb wrestling or heavy typing for me.  Is this what arthritis feels like? This must be what getting old feels like.

One good thing about the summer is wearing sandals because now my feet have swollen to the point where I don’t think I can get them into regular shoes.

Yesterday was my guess date, but no sign of the baby yet.  It ticks me off how once you hit the 40-week mark, everyone starts treating you as a time-bomb.  My ob wanted to schedule an induction next week even though I told her I was totally comfortable going up to the 42-week mark before talking about any type of induction.  Of course, she balked at that.  It’s silly how no one bats an eye if a baby comes 3 weeks before a guess date, but once you go a few days over, they start throwing around scare-tactic medical jargon.

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