Things to do in Austin: Whole Foods

While researching things to do in Austin before our trip, Whole Foods came up a lot on other people’s lists.  At first, I laughed at that. We already have plenty of Whole Foods in LA, why specifically visit a Whole Foods when traveling? Then I thought more about it.  I love going to super markets in different countries just to see what weird stuff is on the shelves.  Whole Foods started in Austin.  Someone on the food forums claimed that the barbecue at Whole Foods wasn’t half bad.  Sold!

The Whole Foods in Austin is huge. Not only is it almost Costco-sized, but there’s just so much stuff in it! Honey dispensers? Check! Lots of different types of made-to-order food and prepared foods? Check! Barbecue counter? Check! Wine and beer? Check! Walk-in beer closet? Check! Vegan donuts? Check! Luckily, our hotel was about a half mile walk from the market, so we visited it a couple times during our trip.

I was really curious to try the barbecue, but having just had dinner, didn’t want to order a whole sandwich. I asked the man behind the counter to cut me just a slice of moist brisket and he gave me a generous piece on a sheet of tin foil and said, “Here you go, on me!”  How nice!  I brought my slice of brisket to the eat-in counter, drizzled it with a little sauce and dug in with my bare hands.  It was moist, it was tender, it smoky, it was everything I wanted barbecue to be.  And if I had any doubts about the barbecue being made on location, a whiff of the barbecue smoke drifting in the downstairs parking lot cleared those doubts away.

This brisket at Whole Foods was surprisingly good! Best brisket I've ever had. Texas!

One thing I particularly liked about this Whole Foods is that there’s a basket of free fruit in the entrance for kids 12 and under to munch on!

So yes, when in Austin, make sure to visit the Whole Foods on Lamar.  Come with an appetite and you can get a pretty decent meal of barbecue and fixin’s.  Then, when you’re bored of that, you can walk across the street to Book People and browse the shelves and shelves of books.

Whole Foods Market
525 N Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78703
(512) 542-2200

Book People
603 N Lamar Blvd Austin, TX 78703
(512) 472-5050

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