Sweethome Grill

If the name didn’t tip you off already, the smokey smell of cumin-covered grilled meat that greets you at the door will let you know that this is the type of restaurant where you order things impaled on skewers.


For an appetizer, I got the bamboo tofu cold dish. It’s chewy tofu-skin dressed with chili oil.  It was a little under-salted and bland for me, but maybe it was because I was already anticipating the spicy assault of grilled meat to come.


I ordered a squid skewer and a chili pepper skewer.  The waitress warned me that the peppers were really spicy, but that’s why I ordered them. Who wants chili peppers that aren’t spicy?  The peppers that came weren’t the level of spicy I was expecting after the ample warning, but they were sweet, juicy, and had a little bit of kick.  The squid was tender, full of cumin, sweet, and also had a kick.


I also ordered the barbecue fish which was surprisingly delicious.  It had the same cumin, chili pepper seasoning the other grilled things had, but instead of it being skewered, it was butterflied and grilled to perfection on both sides.  The skin of the fish was tender and smokey while the delicate meat was tender and juicy. Not overdone at all, which was what I’m usually scared of with grilled fish.

Sweethome Grill, despite having a couple of vegetarian skewers and dishes on their menu is a place where I wouldn’t mind going with a few meat eaters, ordering a beer, and sitting around, sliding grilled things off skewers.

Sweethome Grill
402 E Valley Blvd
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 288-0099


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