Ramen Review: Sichuan Chili Eel Flavor Instant Noodle

Szechuan eel ramen

The first thing that caught my eye was the word “Sichuan” on this bowl-ramen’s package.  I like spicy ramens so a Sichuan one sounded right up my alley. When I continued reading and saw “Eel” flavor, my interested was piqued enough where I had to buy it to try it out.

The bowl contains a package of dry seasoning, a package of oily black stuff, and a large package of eel pieces in sauce.  I took the time to read the directions on the package, which says to save the large package until right before eating.

I cooked this in a ramen pot on the stove so I could put an egg on it, but the styrofoam bowl it comes in would work just as well.

Nice ‘q’ despite my cooking the noodles longer than the 3-minute suggested time in boiling water.  The springiness is different than the “underdone” texture of noodles. It was almost like a konyakku springiness and lasted almost as long as it took me to finish the entire bowl.

Salty and spicy.  I couldn’t taste any mala numbing. If I hadn’t known it was supposed to be “Sichuan” flavored, I would have just thought it was regular spicy flavored.  Initially, there was a savory fishy taste from the eel package, but once that got mixed in better, I forgot about it. There were slices of chili pepper in the seasoning package that plumped up to look almost-fresh. Spice level of soup was medium.

Generous portion of eel pieces.  They were firm and sweet and included the crunchy eel bones.  There were some pieces that still had skin on.  The pieces tasted on par with the canned eel in sauce you’d get at Chinese supermarkets.

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