Leftover Win: Vegetarian Xian Bing

What to do with leftover salted xue cai, bamboo, and five spice tofu? Make xian bing of course! The most delicious xian bing, which means “stuffed pastry” in Mandarin, is the kind filled with ground meat and has lava-hot meat juice squirting out at every bite.  While this may not be the most traditional xian bing filling, it hit the spot sufficiently.

The filling was made with xue cai, bamboo, shiitake mushroom, five spice tofu, and glass noodles, all chopped up. This chopped up filling was then stir fried briefly with grated ginger and seasoned with salt, white pepper, and a little bit of soy sauce. The next time I make this, I’ll have to remember to add more salt and sesame oil at the end.

Home Made Vegetarian Xian BingHome Made Vegetarian Xian Bing

The wrapper was made “free-style” with 2 cups all purpose flour, a few tablespoons of cooking oil, and a little less than a cup of warm water.  I added the oil in the flour and started adding water little by little as the dough formed. The end result should be a less-than-tacky dough.  Cover with plastic-wrap and lest rest for half an hour.

The hardest part seems to be actually filling the pastry. I rolled out small portions of the dough into circles and filled it with about 3 spoonfuls of filling, wrapping it like a bao, pinching as I went. In the end, I pinched the opening closed and placed it opening-side down to be fried in a bit.

Home Made Vegetarian Xian BingPan frying one side golden.

Home Made Vegetarian Xian BingFlip, and pan fry the other side.

Home Made Vegetarian Xian BingThe end result was pretty good eaten hot from the pan and dipped in black vinegar.

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