Gold Standard 2012

On this lovely 80+ degree day in Los Angeles, I was invited to attend the Gold Standard 2012 (thanks Jonathan!).  I was lucky enough to be the first one to be denied parking in the Peterson Auto Museum parking lot, thanks to the car in front of me who kept letting other people into the lot. Thanks a lot, guy!  After finding an illegal spot in an empty lot nearby (woohoo, free, risky parking!) I hoofed it to the entrance while the VIPs were still getting their wrist-bands.

The event started off well with a light appetizer from Tsujita.  I thought it would be risky of them to serve nigiri in a setting such as this, but both pieces tasted fresh and they didn’t skimp on the presentation.


Some highlights of the event:

DSC_8415The Salt Cure’s crostini with pate, pickled onion, and mustard

Mozza’s Budino, which is every bit as good as it is at the restaurant.

Little Dom’s smoked oyster

I was also happy to see restaurants giving their booths some personality to distinguish from each other.  I especially liked the tree of happy people from Mo Chica and the made-to-order spoonfuls of bean stew with smoked salmon skin from another restaurant.

DSC_8436Mo-chica’s booth where people are getting refreshments

A hearty bean stew topped with crunchy salmon skin

I wasn’t able to sample everything since I’m only one person and my stomach can only hold so much food, but of the food that I did taste, none of it seemed worse for wear because of the weather.  Once more people started filing in, it was getting close to roasting in the indoor area, so I gulped down some ice-cream, an iced-coffee, and tried to cool down outside.

Since Jonathan Gold is moving on to the LA Times, this is probably his last year doing the event for the Weekly.  Who knows what’s going to happen next year. Maybe there won’t be a Gold Standard 2013. If that were the case, I’m glad I attended this last hurrah.

A full set of pictures from the Gold Standard 2012 can be found here

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