Sunday Dinner with Steamed Mussels

I made mussels for the first time tonight for dinner. They were steamed with a white wine and tarragon broth. Being Chinese, I dropped a couple chunks of garlic in the broth since that’s what I always do when I cook seafood.  It was a pretty easy dish to prepare which was good because I was also preparing four other dishes for dinner.

Sunday Family DinnerExcuse the messy stove. Will had cleaned it before cooking, but I was all over the place making sure everything would be cooked in time.

Simmering at the top right is fresh bamboo in a soy sauce and mirin broth.  It was my first time preparing fresh bamboo in this way and it was so simple but highlighted the fresh bamboo so well I’m definitely going to make this a repeat performance. I wanted a no-fuss soup tonight so I made kimchi and tofu soup with the over-salted kimchi.

Sunday Family DinnerTransferring the cooked mussels into a serving dish.

Sunday Family DinnerToss toss tossing the spaghetti with leeks and mushrooms.

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