Gourmet and Vegetarian Korean Food

Will and I just finished watching another Korean drama about food. This one is called Gourmet.  It was slow to start, but we got really hooked by the end. It’s about two sons who work at a prestigious Korean restaurant that serves royal Korean cuisine.  They’re supposedly descendants of the royal cook, which is a fact that draws in a lot of high-rollers.  It has the usual Korean cliches of love triangles (or squares), aging parents, and my favorite, food.

Because we’ve been looking at so much Korean food on-screen, I made two Korean meals last week.  The first is ssam, but instead of the usual pork belly, I fried up some tofu and king trumpet mushrooms.  The mushrooms actually gave it a satisfying, meaty chew.

Korean Eats at Home

Then, with the leftover gaenip kimchi, I made bibimbap the next night.  The vegan version has fried tofu (two nights in a row!) while my version had a very delicious fried egg.

Korean Eats at Home

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