Things That Go Still in the Night

I was coming back from dinner at my parents’ house tonight and had just walked into the front door when I hear from outside, “Come look at this!”  It was Will, telling me to look at something outside. I was wary of what I was going to see because he only uses that tone when 1.) there’s a big scary spider outside or 2.) there’s something gross outside.

What he found outside was this curious creature standing still on our back fence.  From far away, it looked like something cute and furry.

possumThen you turn on the light and it looks more menacing.


Then you look at it full in the face with the camera flash, and it no longer looks that cute.


This possum was trying to blend in by not moving much at all, but we were on to it.  It had something in its hand that it dropped later as a decoy. I’m still not sure what it was, but it made a hard thud sound. I hope it was one of those snails eating the greens in my garden.

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