Dinners in Under an Hour

Some people are impressed that we both have full time jobs and still have time to make dinner.  It’s not so hard if you’re organized and prepare beforehand.  Some quick dinners we’ve been enjoying lately have been:

japanese style pastaJapanese-style Spaghetti (previously written about here)

If you’re fast with washing and chopping vegetables, the topping and ‘sauce’ part of the pasta will be done by the time the pasta has been boiled.

farro, chickpeas, white beans, and cauliflower greensFarro with cannellini, chickpeas, and cauliflower greens

This one takes some prep work, but luckily I already had a big bowl of beans cooked up from the weekend so it just took me an hour to throw it together. Shout-out goes to the Italian mama-san I met while picking farro and beans at Guidi Marcello’s who gave me this recipe. She told me one of her favorite things to do with farro is to cook it up with cannellini beans, chickpeas, and then stir in some pesto. I improvised on that and made a creamy, hearty, risotto-like thing. I may write up the recipe later.

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