Focaccerias in Celle Ligure

On our way down the Ligurian coast, we stopped by another sea-side town to fill up on carbs. Really, with so many great focaccerias along the way, how could we not? We got off the autostrada at a sign that led to Celle Ligure.

Because of our hunger, we were lured into a cafe for a coffee and some focaccia.  The cafe looked bustling and there seemed to be a high turnover of slices of focaccia, but when we bit into the focaccia, something was missing.

More FocacciaMore Focaccia

About a block of walking later, we found this little shop crowded with people and with a line going out the door.  I stepped in and saw people against the window waiting patiently with numbered tickets in their hand while other people at the counter were dictating their orders. I grabbed a number from their ticket machine and joined in the wait.

More Focaccia

This focacceria was Serious Business.  While waiting, we saw them bring out many trays of the freshly baked bread.  The one that spoke to me in particular was this pesto and cheese one.  Usually, I’m a fiend for cured meats, but even the thinly sliced meat on the adjacent focaccia couldn’t lure me away form this pesto one.

More Focaccia

One bite and I was sold. The cheese was soft and oozing. The pesto was fresh tasting, savory, and went perfectly with the bread. Now that I’m writing this, I’m sorry I didn’t smuggle some in my luggage.

More FocacciaMore Focaccia

Will definitely missed out on the pesto and cheese focaccia, but he made out alright with a plain one and a potato one. The potato one had thinly sliced potatoes, lots of salt, and some rosemary.

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