Pakistani Food in London

I’ve heard many times that British food is nothing to write home about, but the Indian and Pakistani food in the UK is spectacular. Based on my one Indian meal in London (take-out, no less!), I have to agree with that sentiment.

The night after we were mugged the police were still out and people were still feeling shaky about the mood of the city. Since it was so eerily quiet around our hotel, we decided it would probably be best to get take-out and eat it at the hotel room. I know, I know, what are the chances of getting mugged in a restaurant twice? But hey, better no chance than a slim chance of that!

We went to a Pakistani restaurant 1/3 of a mile from our hotel. I got a kofta (lamb meatball) in curry while Will got some sort of vegetable curry. With my kofta, I also ordered coconut fried rice. The kofta was magnificent. A juicy, gamey taste, tender, spiced to perfection, and coated with a delightfully heated curry. The coconut fried rice, which was probably the Indian version of the Chinese-American shrimp fried rice, was also delicious. I was very satisfied with my meal.

Indian food in London

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