Una Pizza Napoletana

For those living under an empty pizza carton, Una Pizza Napoletana moved from New York to a strange, shrine-like location in San Francisco.  Its cult-like following certainly survived the move as evident from our 30 minute wait just to sit down on a Wednesday night.  It was a good thing we came when we did because a bigger crowd soon developed after we sat.

una pizza napoletana

You might think that the 30 minutes is a perfect time to peruse the menu, but really, all you need is 3 seconds because there are only 5 things to eat on the menu which are combinations of sauce, tomatoes, cheese, smoked cheese, no cheese, and basil. The simple menu reflects the simplicity of the ingredients.

Watching Anthony Mangieri sling dough and skillfully char the almost-cooked pie near the ceiling of his carefully constructed oven is like watching any master craftsmen. They make it look deceptively easy, but I’m sure there are years of experience involved.


My pizza, a margherita, came out of the oven and went straight into my mouth.  The bubbles of charred crust were shatteringly crisp, while the rest of the crust had the perfect amount of chewiness.  The tomato sauce was perfectly seasoned and perfectly portioned. I hate it when there’s too much sauce on my pizza.  Although the ingredients were as simple as can be, I would include it in my top 5 pizzas of my life.


A coworker of mine complained that his pizza was burnt.  Maybe we have differing char-scales. I thought my pizza was just the right amount of char: a nice smokey flavor without any of that dry, powdery bitterness of burnt flour.

210 11th St
(between Howard St & Kissling St)
San Francisco, CA 94103
Neighborhood: SOMA
Una Pizza Napoletana

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