Publishers Do Not Get It

I’ve had my kindle for my than a year. I now read more than I ever did thanks to the portable, electronic book platform. But one thing I do not like about it is when publishers pull shit like this.

The virtual “oh you don’t really own it, you just kind of get the right to borrow it indefinitely” version is more expensive than the paperback!

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  1. Eric says

    What the publishers look at is the list price of the paperback, and that’s $19.99. So, in their eyes, the ebook is cheaper.

    What actually happens on the street isn’t even in their realm of experience.

  2. Rob McMillin says

    That’s the whole deal.

    That’s why they want you to use a Kindle.

    It’s nothing less than organized destruction of the first-sale principle. It’s bad for readers and bad for society.

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