Review: Last Sacrifice: A Vampire Academy Novel

Last Sacrifice: A Vampire Academy NovelLast Sacrifice: A Vampire Academy Novel by Richelle Mead

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a satisfying ending to a great YA series. It’s hard to talk about Last Sacrifice separately from the rest of the books and keep it spoiler free, but I’ll try.

Last Sacrifice starts right where the last book left off, plunging readers right into the action. There’s a lot of “Lets make plans!” and side-plots, but they all tie together neatly in the end. The cynical side of me would like to say that some events happened too well to be believable, but the 12-year-old-girl side of me says, “AWESOME!”

Although I sped through this book in less than two days, the Lissa sections slowed me down a lot. The sections were often put in the middle of a tense scene somewhere else, and I just wanted to skim through them to get back to where the action was.

I was reminded in this book of how much I like Rose in the whole series. She’s confident, badass (which is an adjective that gets used a lot in this book), has a strong sense of self, gets things done, but most importantly, she’s also flawed. She makes poor decisions, but she learns from them and she faces the consequences like a champ. From the first book to this, Rose is still very Rose, she’s also grown in character and maturity.

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  1. ................. says

    I have to say that in some ways I disagree… yes, it was a fantastic book but it left many questions unanswered and became extremely depressing. Not to give too much away but the way Adrian was just left broken was messed up, how easily she could just forget about him… I don’t know wat anyone else thinks but thats my opinion:(

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