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Warrior (The Blades of The Rose, #1)Warrior by Zoe Archer

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It was hard to put this book in shelves. I want to call it paranormal-romance, but the two main characters are both human. But there’s magic involved, and that’s paranormal, isn’t it? I also want to call it historical fiction because there’s fiction about historical events, like Genghis Khan’s takeover of China, but it’s more like the characters talk about that event — they’re not actually living through it.

Either way, this book was one of the better paranormal romance books I’ve read. The main character, Thalia, is an English woman living in a very rural area of Mongolia. She’s tasked with the duty of protecting sources of magic from evil people who want to use the magic for their evil purposes. Chance brings a retired soldier, Captain Huntley, to her door and together, they go on a quest to find the source and protect it from the evil people. All in all, not a ground-breaking plot, but an enjoyable ride.

In Felicia Day’s review, she mentioned lots of steamy passages and naughty bits, which is definitely true. For those steamy passages alone, I’d probably give it an NC-17 rating, but if you overlook that, the story and the way the characters interact with each other is actually very endearing. At first, I found the instant attraction very hard to believe, but as the book delved more into the background of the characters, I grew to accept it.

I had to knock a star down for Warrior though, because of the whole damsel in distress issue. While the author takes pains in telling us that Thalia isn’t a wilting English flower and can hold her own while riding a horse and shooting arrows, I was peeved that the author still needed to write in a burly, ex-soldier who’s only want in life is to protect her from danger. And she Thalia lets him! It kinda defeats the purpose of building up a strong female lead only to have her overshadowed by some masculine (and that word is used to describe Captain Huntley very often), muscled man.

I think if I could turn the over-analyzing part of my brain off when I read this, I would enjoy it a lot more. Not to say I didn’t enjoy it, but it could be better.

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