Dinner: Bittermelon and Chicken

Will’s getting really good at making these two dishes lately: 白苦瓜 and 宫爆鸡. Okay, so the chicken in the dish is wheat gluten and not real chicken, but trust me when I say that the amount of spice in the dish makes that fact irrelevant.


What’s great about these two dishes is that supposedly, bittermelon has cold characteristics, which balances out the heat of the spicy chicken dish. The original recipe for 宫爆鸡 doesn’t mention water chestnuts, but sometimes Will throws it in anyway. I think it’s a great addition because the crunchy and sweet pieces are a nice break from the painful burn of the sauce.

There’s also scrambled egg in with the bittermelon because it just tastes better that way. I think egg’s richness eases away some of the bitter taste of the melon, which is great for weaksauce people who can’t stomach the taste of bittermelon.

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