Chuan Yu Noodles Town

A few months ago (yes, yes, backlog of photos, sorry) I met Will for lunch at tiny, unassuming restaurant next to a taco stand on valley called Chuan Yu Noodles Town.  We took notice of it after reading this post on eatdrinknbmerry displaying a seriously decadent bowl of beef noodle soup.

The restaurant itself is a place where eating is the main attraction. There are only a handful of small tables scattered throughout the small room. There’s a counter with some cold appetizers in plastic boxes and pictures of food taped to the walls but that’s basically all there is to the room.

chuan yu

I had a craving for spicy wontons, so I ordered the 红油抄手 (hong you chao shou). It came out unexpectantly in two bowls: the wontons and the spicy oil sauce. I assume that’s so customers can regulate the amount of heat they want their wontons to be, but I just dumped the sauce bowl on top of the wonton. The sauce is indeed spicy, but also has an appetizing, vinegary kick. The dumplings themselves were a decent size and not so big I couldn’t fit one whole thing in my mouth. I liked the afterthought of boiled bokchoy in the bowl, as if that would ease the passage later.

Will, on his never-ending quest to try every dan dan mian in Los Angeles, ordered that peanuty, spicy, noodle dish. We were a bit worried about the chili sauce because we read that there were dried shrimp bits in it, but after asking our waitress and later, the chef, we realized that there were none.

chuan yu

When the bowl first came out, the chef saw Will dumping additional chili flakes into the bowl. The chef exclaimed, “Wow, he really likes spicy stuff!” and took the bowl back into the kitchen, only to return with a heaping mound of the Good Stuff(tm).

According to Will, the bowl of noodles were up to snuff. Not better than No. 1 Noodle House, but almost comparable.

It’s a shame that I was already full by the time I was halfway done with my bowl of wonton because I really wanted to try some other dishes on their menu. The staff was pretty nice (for Chinese restaurant staff) and the food was decent, so no reason not to return and try something different.

Chuan Yu Noodles Town
525 W. Valey Blvd. #B
Alhambra, CA 91801
Neighborhood: Alhambra
(626) 289-8966

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