Review: Carmilla

CarmillaCarmilla by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Could this be one of the first books in the paranormal romance genre? Maybe. It predates even Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Carmilla is a story about a girl who lives isolated in a large mansion with her father, some madames (house keepers? governesses? who knows) and other servants. One day, a strange set of events occur which results in a charming and beautiful girl staying with them for an indefinite amount of time.Well it turns out the girl is a vampire who falls in love with (or maybe just wants to drain the blood of) the our young narrator.While the story was somewhat engaging and the development of the relationship between Carmilla (the vampire girl) and our narrator is sweet in a very twisted way, none of the characters seemed very real. Maybe it’s because the novel was written so long ago, but I just couldn’t relate to anyone. It was like no one in the book had actual jobs. They just sat around their large houses with their handful of servants and lollygagged the day away.It’s interesting to read a vampire story written so long ago and still see the similarities in the mythos. The two girls’ interactions reminded me of Let the Right One In (another vampire book) but in the end, I was just bored and waiting for the book to end. I know this book is supposed to be horror and maybe it was terrifying to read back when it was originally published, but I barely batted an eye.

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