Pa Pa Walk

Pa Pa Walk may be hard to find because it’s tucked behind an elevator shaft on a strip mall on Valley, but it’s worth it on a hot day. It’s a small restaurant serving Taiwanese diner dishes like rice with sausages, noodle soups, stinky tofu, and dumplings, but what I really was there for was the shaved snow aka 雪冰.

Mango snow @ pa pa walk (芒果雪冰)

It’s different than shaved ice because it’s condensed milk frozen solid, and then shaved.  The mound of shaved snow can be topped with different fruits and items (like red bean and grass jelly), and then in case you don’t think it’s sweet enough, another squirt of regular condensed milk. It’s syrupy sweet, cold, soft, and icy. I’m not usually a fan of overly sweet things, but a mango shaved snow sure hit the spot this weekend.

Pa Pa Walk
227 W Valley Blvd
San Gabriel, CA 91776-3794
(626) 281-3889

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    Thanks for the tip, I didn’t even know there was a shaved snow place in the U.S. I think shaved snow was invented in Taiwan, and even there it’s not as widespread as one might expect it to be.

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