Howto: Goodreads & Your Library

This feature has been around for a bit but I only took notice of it recently. Considering I work at Goodreads and am looking at the site constantly, I take that as a sign that it may be a little buried. If you’re a frequent user of your local library, then it may be helpful to know that Goodreads can automatically search libraries for books for you. Just go to the book page and click on the “WorldCat” link at the bottom of the book info box. It brings you to WorldCat’s site with the search done already. (WorldCat is a company that catalogs libraries).

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    Hi NakedSushi, thanks for pointing the link out to your readers. I also wanted to bring to your attention, on the WorldCat site we also host GoodReads reviews. So whether you’re on GoodReads or on WorldCat, you can get the benefit of libraries AND the GoodReaders reviewer community input.

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