Dinner @ SonaDinner @ Sona
Dinner @ SonaDinner @ Sona
some dishes from Sona

Will took me to Sona the night of our engagement to celebrate. I guess he was pretty confident about what my answer would be since he made reservations before-hand. If I had said ‘no,’ it might have been a pretty awkward dinner.

The food was all really good, which was expected for the price. They emphasized on seasonal produce and even used some morels and fiddlehead ferns in some of our dishes. I don’t usually like cooked salmon because so many places overcook it, but the oil-poached salmon here was the best cooked fish I had ever had!

We both got the six course tasting menu, me the regular one and him a special vegan one. I liked that for the vegan dishes, everything looked like a lot of thought was put into it. Too many places just do a “dish sans meat” when we ask for something vegan.

While I liked all my food, I was surprised that there were two sweet courses in a six course tasting menu. I don’t really have much of a sweet tooth, so I would have appreciated a savory dish instead of the extra sweet dish. Now that’s not to say the sweet dish was bad, but it was just my preference.

As a whole, an excellent meal but it’s definitely not going to be a regular thing because of its price.

401 North La Cienega Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(310) 659-7708

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