Vegan Curry (from scratch!)

It had been a while since we had curry. It could be because vegan curry blocks are really hard to find. The blocks of Japanese curry that I used to use turned out to have some sort of meat or animal derived product in it, oops.  I thought that we had finally found some veggie-friendly curry and bought a box to take home, but the other night, I realized it wasn’t just the curry seasoning and roux, but with veggies in it too. A foil pouch of ‘ready made’ curry. I wasn’t in the mood for that and noticed I still had a can of S&B curry powder.


It turns out that curry isn’t that hard to make from scratch! Well, kind of from scratch, if you have the ready-made powder.  All it takes is sauteing some chopped onions in oil, adding the curry powder, some tomato paste, and then the right amount of flour to make the roux.  Some vegetable broth, potatoes, carrots, and random things in the fridge later, I had curry.

One of the random things I put in the curry were wheat gluten puffs from the Chinese market. They’re these big puffed up balls of airy bread. I cut them in half, put them in the curry and mushed them around so they soften. When they’re properly cooked and soften, they soak up the curry sauce and have palatable, smooth and tender texture. It may sound gross, but it reminded me of a tender piece of bacon fat. Delicious.

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