New Rats!

I wanted to find a new friend for Sheldon after Gregory passed away since Sheldon seemed a bit bored. I contacted Family Affair Ratz, a rattery near my house after I found out they had some rats from a litter available.

When I visited the rattery, even though I planned on just getting one rat, I ended up getting two. They were just too cute to separate and it was hard for me to choose just one of them.

I present to you, Cecil and Holden! I’m not sure which one should be which yet, but we’ll see. The red-eyed one is more outgoing and social for now, but I’m hoping once the black-eyed one gets more acquainted with his surroundings, he’ll be more sociable. They’re both Siamese rats, but I think the black-eyed one is a Siamese Russian Blue.


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