A Celebration of Chinese Food

To celebrate Chinese New Years week, the BF and I decided to make Chinese food dinners for the whole week.

chinese dinner
Braised tofu sheets, bittermelon and scrambled eggs, and stir fried bok choy. I think this is the first time the BF attempted to make 3 dishes for one meal.

chinese dinner
The next night, I made vegetarian pot-stickers. Because I didn’t make the wrapper from scratch, this actually didn’t take that long. The only time consuming thing is wrapping the dumplings, but with two people, one package of wrappers goes by fairly quickly.

chinese dinner
We wanted to take a break from eating too much greasy and savory stuff, so the BF made porridge one night. The porridge is about 1:9 rice to water. So that it’s not so plain, he topped it with chopped onions and shiitake mushrooms sauteed together. We also had some tea eggs in the fridge, so we threw that in there too.

chinese dinner
I was at work late and wanted to cook something quick and easy, which is why I decided on broccoli stir fry on my last night of cooking. Maybe broccoli beef is more Chinese American food, but it was still good. For the sauce, I used soy sauce, rice wine, water, garlic, and some potato starch to thicken.

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