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My friend Jessica showed me the Project 365 iPhone app (iTunes link) which inspired me to finally try my hand at Project 365 this year. In a nutshell, it’s taking one picture for every day of the year so that at the end of the year, I have a picture diary. The main hurdle that kept me from partaking in it previously was the effort involved not in taking pictures, but plugging in my camera every day and downloading the picture from it. Now, thanks to the iPhone and the ease of uploading to flickr from it, the workflow is streamlined enough for it to only take a minute or two.

The first step is to take the picture, which can be done directly through the Project365 app, but I typically take a picture using a separate iPhone app (Camerabag or ShakeIt) and just pick that picture from the library.

Then, I send it to my flickr upload-by-email address. There’s more information on it here on flickr’s site. Anything I send to that email address will get uploaded to my flickr account.

Finally, I created a set for Project365 in Flickr to organize all my pictures. It’s the most manual part of it because I need to move individual pictures into there, but really, it’s not so hard to do it in batch every week or so.

As a bonus, I also have flickr2twitter activated on my flickr account, which gives me a second email address that I can email pictures to. Any pictures I send there will not only be uploaded to my flickr, but a tweet will also be created out of my subject line with a link to the picture. That way, I can tweet pictures but still have it hosted on my flickr account instead of it being lost somewhere in twitpic or some other server.

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    Aw I wish Blackberry had those awesome apps too except I refuse to switch over until it gets a damn keyboard!!

    Hope your new year is going well. =D

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    oooh! i’ve been trying to do this, just on my own, taking a pic every day and uploading to flickr (and to my blog, though i still figure out how to have those particular posts show up separately) but since i use the iPhone to do it, i’m totally going to look into it. so glad you mentioned it!

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