Hotpot with Friends

hot pot!!

When the weather’s cold and you have friends over, there’s nothing better for dinner than hot pot.  It’s DIY, which means I don’t have to spend forever preparing something in the kitchen.  I guess it’s a bit intimate since everyone is fishing tasty morsels out of the same giant pot, but it’s okay, boiling broth kills 99.9% of bacteria (I made that up) and what’s some shared saliva between friends?

If it’s just the BF and I eating hotpot, we’ll just use one pot and do an all-veggie one. But since we were having some friends over, why not have some meat? The blue dutch oven was designated the spicy, meat-free broth. The split pot was for meat, one side was spicy broth, and one side was non-spicy. In the end, I think there was a lot of splash damage and the non-spicy side and spicy side started tasting the same.

One of my favorite things (other than dipping hot stuff into raw egg sauce) about hot pot is sipping the broth afterward. It’s so flavorful from all the food that’s been cooked in it.

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