Another New Year Resolution: Write More

ink & pen

One of my resolutions for this year is to write more. Not just write more posts, but write by hand more.  Since I have a job where I type on the computer all day, my penmanship has been going downhill ever since college.  I recently bought a fountain pen to inspire me to write by hand more.

The fountain pen (a ubiquitous Lamy Safari) of course came with blue ink, which I dislike.  Luckily, I foresaw the scenario and ordered a bottle of Noodler’s Ink Bulletproof black ink.  It’s not their blackest ink, but black enough for everyday use without having to worry about it bleeding through pages.

One thing I like about Lamy, other than inexpensive but great fountain pens, is that their packaging is simple, functional, but fun.  The box (in the back) the pen came in had perfectly cut little windows showing the pen inside.

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      The ink is fantastic. It’s nice and dark, but doesn’t clog the nib or dry out the nib, yet it dries fairly quickly for a wet-writing pen. It’s not the blackest black, but definitely blacker than the black that the Lamy comes with.

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      Oh yeah, and the smell. Well, it doesn’t smell foul. It just smells distinctively inky. It’s not a bad smell, but I won’t be dabbing it behind my ears anytime soon.

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