Cocktail Week: Preserved Meyer Lemon Martini

My friend Jessica gave me a large jar of preserved Meyer lemons, so I spent most of the afternoon thinking up what to do with it. At first, I thought of maybe a salty soda, like those salty plum sodas Vietnamese restaurants serve. That led to thinking about a salty cocktail, which led to a Preserved Meyer Lemon Martini. It’s kind of like a dirty martini, but instead of olive and olive brine, I used the preserved lemon and a bit of the liquid in the jar.

Cocktail Week: Dirty Lemon Martini

The piece of lemon I included with garnish was great — it completely made the drink. Unfortunately, I think I put in too much gin compared to everything else because it tasted like a science project. Next time, maybe I need more dry vermouth. Or maybe I’m just not as big a fan of martinis as I thought.


Stir the gin and dry vermouth in a mixing glass with some ice cubes for about a minute. Stir in the lemon brine. Strain into a martini glass. Top with garnish.

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    • says

      That’s a good question. I’ve had martinis (with gin) before and enjoyed them enough. But I just got the proportions wrong on this one. Or maybe I just wasn’t in the gin mood.

  1. LS says

    try preserved lemon + honey + fresh lemon juice + ice = perfect for summer …. that’s just me and some of my friends…..

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