PushGmail is Better Than GPush

pushgmailPreviously, I wrote about GPush for the iPhone, an app that offers push notification.  It kind of worked, but it wasn’t perfect.  There were times where it would just completely stop working and I’d have to reset the program and reactivate my account in order for it to work.  I also didn’t like that it would bring you to the in-browser gmail webapp instead of just the native mail.app on the phone.

Enter PushGmail. It does several things that I like.  It just plain works — no need to fiddle around every week or so to get it working again.  It also goes straight to the mail.app when users click or slide on the notification.  This part isn’t perfect because it opens up mail.app’s compose page, but that’s more Apple’s fault than the app’s.

Even though Google has released official support for push notification through Microsoft’s Exchange server, it didn’t work that well when I first tried it. There was a noticeable delay between when an email reached my inbox and when the push notification was activated.  It defeats the whole purpose of instant email notification.  Also, doing it through the official Google way only supports one account.  I usually only check one account, so it doesn’t matter to me, but it may be a deal-breaker for some.

Until Google fixes their server, PushGmail is probably the best and most simple choice.

PushGmail $1.99(site)

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  1. John says

    I am using PushMail (http://dopushmail.com/) and even if it is a slightly more expensive option, it is the most reliable solution in my opinion, it works with an unlimited number of accounts and it gives you lots more control on your workflow. Worth giving it a look…

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