Liang’s Kitchen (aka Mama Liang’s)

Liang’s Kitchen (also known as Mama Liang’s House if you go by the Chinese characters in the window) was a place I’ve been to once before. I got take out that time and the food did not travel well, so it wasn’t fair to write them up.  I got a chance to visit it again recently and not surprisingly, the food was much better.

Mama Liangs

If you can’t tell by now, I really like noodle soup.  More specifically, I really like beef noodle soup. It could be pho or it could be niu rou mian.  Give me a big bowl of it and I’m happy.  The niu rou mian at Mama Liang’s has the best broth of its type ever.  It’s rich, beefy, has just the right amount of oil, and is lip-smackingly delicious.  The noodles (I ordered knife-shaven) unfortunately don’t stack up to the soup. They were too doughy.

Mama Liangs

Mama Liang’s niu rou juan bing (beef crepe roll?) is also worth ordering. This dish is top notch.  The beef is seasoned beautifully and is both tender and lean.  The crepe/pancake thing that wraps it is thicker than that of other places, but not overly so. Eat this dish right away while the crepe is still crispy to get the full effect.  When I picture a perfect beef sandwich, this, with its crispy exterior which gives way to chewy bread and tender beef, could be it.

If this is all too much beef, there’s also the fried tofu appetizer.  It’s freshly fried tofu topped with a brown sauce and served with chili sauce. Pretty simple, but good — especially the soft custardy inside in contrast to the fried outside.  I’m not claiming this is vegetarian since I didn’t really ask the waiter, but man it’s good.

Mama Liangs

Mama Liang’s is worth visiting for their niu rou mian broth and niu rou juan bing.  Don’t bother getting take-out though, because those things don’t travel well at all.  Besides, the inside of the restaurant is neat with Tawainese miltary paraphernalia decorating the walls and hanging from the ceiling.

Liang’s Kitchen
227 W Valley Blvd
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 281-1898

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  1. says

    Darn, you beat me to reviewing this place! I’ve had the photos ready for a month but I’ve been busy at the hospital so I never got around to it. The soup for Liang’s NRM is seriously amazing.

    Next time try ordering their green onion Chinese pancake. Tasty on its own, but dip it into the NRM soup and mmmmmm

  2. Will says

    I think the one on Atlantic (same plaza as Yi Mei, Mandarin Deli, Elite) might be a little better, but unfortunately it still smells a little from the recent fire.

    Looks like they may be serving breakfast now, at least at that location.

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