Al Bap @ A-Won

al bup @ A-Won

I went to A-Won a few weeks ago. Though I enjoyed the massively large bowl of sashimi salad, I wasn’t impressed. I went back last week with the lovely Jessica of eat.sip.chew and we both ordered the al bap. I loved it.

The al bap at A-Won is a gigantic bowl of rice topped with plentiful helpings of fish roe, uni, seaweed, preserved fish, pickled radish, and a few other treats. It was a fantastically colored flavor party in my mouth. The eggs popped delicately between my teeth and every mouthful was delightfully decadent.

I should have taken Jonathan Gold’s word the first time when he recommended the al bap in his LA Weekly writeup of it, but for some reason, I ordered something different my first time there. I’ve learned my lesson. From now on, it’s al bap all day long at A-Won.

A-Won Japanese Restaurant
913 1/2 S Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA‎
(213) 389-6764‎
(park in the lot or on the street)

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