Yo dawg, I heard ya like eggs? Tortang Talong

Dinner: Tortang Talong

This was my first time making tortang talong, a Filipino dish featuring two of my most favorite things: eggs and eggplant.  It’s basically an eggplant omlette. I broiled an eggplant, skinned it but kept the stem as a handle, then flattened it.  While it was broiling, I stir-fried some chopped pepper and shallots and set it aside.  Once the eggplant was done, I dipped it in some egg batter, put it on the wok, spread on the pepper/shallot, and then poured some more egg batter on top.  After one side was done, flip, and let the other side cook. Despite the eggplant breaking up while trying to flip it, the dish was still pretty damn good.

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