The Stick

The BF got me the Street Fighter VI Tournament edition stick for my birthday a month or so ago.  The original artwork was mediocre, so we worked together to mod it.

The original stick looks like this:

sfiv_og_stickI fuddled with a template based on the Sega Astro City arcade cabinet and sent the finished artwork to Art’s Hobbies to be printed and also ordered plexiglass from them.  In the meantime, the BF ordered some different colored Sanwa buttons online.

After a few weeks, our orders got shipped to us and we took apart the stick.

Switching Out Parts

Unscrewing the top plate and peeling the original artwork off was no problem.  Disconnecting the ‘quick’ release wiring from the individual buttons were a pain until I MacGuyvered a lever system with a small flat edged screwdriver and a hex key.

I then spray-painted the bevel, originally red, to a matte black color.

The finished product looks pretty damn good IMO:

SFVI TE Stick Mod

It’s easier on the eyes (I think at least!) than the original look of the stick and I’d like to think that psychologically, it improves my game.

We had also bought smaller buttons to replace the start & select buttons at the top (not seen) of the box, but couldn’t figure out how to pop those buttons off at all because the spacing in that area of the box is so tight.  Other than that, I’m extremely pleased with the results.

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  1. scott says

    Miyuki also finished her mod this week. ill send you pictures. the plexi is cool because the buton labels are etched into the plexi itself so its semi transparent.

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