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Green PeasI must be on a sandwich wavelength lately because that’s all I’ve been thinking about for lunch.  Luckily for me, Green Peas, a new casual lunch spot in Culver City opened not too long ago in the same spot that used to house a wine bar.  The menu at Green Peas is mostly sandwiches, salads, wraps, and pizzas.  I’ve been getting sandwiches from them for lunch, which comes with either a salad or soup — I always pick soup.

My first time there, I ordered a prosciutto sandwich on a baguette with a side of zucchini soup.  Green Peas seems to have two daily soups. A nice touch is that they’re usually vegan.  The zucchini soup, despite being vegan was creamy and delicious. Best of all, it came steaming hot.  I love soup so hot it burns my mouth. Being served lukewarm soup is on my list of pet peeves.

Green Peas

The prosciutto sandwich was delicious and immediately made me a fan of the restaurant.  There was the perfect amount of thinly sliced prosciutto without being too salty.  The cheese was light and fresh. The sun dried tomato aioli wasn’t overdone. The baguette was decent, and the arugula gave the sandwich a nice, spicy bite. It was just a very well made sandwich full of fresh ingredients.

Green PeasThe next time I visited, I ordered the curry chicken salad sandwich, which also comes in a vegan version for meat-free friends.  At first, I was apprehensive about the raisins in the salad since I usually hate raisins, but they were actually good!  The chicken salad was a good balance of sweet and salty without being too slathered in sauce.  I ordered it on a ciabatta roll, which was a great decision because the roll withstood the moisture of the chicken salad.

With the curry chicken salad sandwich, I ordered a side of pea soup, which was predictably tasty.  I noticed with this soup and the zucchini soup that they were both on the bland side, but it wasn’t anything a nice dash of salt couldn’t help.  After the salt and pepper I added to it, the soup was a fine accompaniment to my sandwich.

Green Peas
(an herbed chicken sandwich on pretzel bread my dining companion had)

Green Peas is quickly becoming one of my favorite lunch spots.  The sandwich and soup (or salad) combination at lunch is a great deal at $7. The fact that they offer different choices of breads for each sandwich including baguettes, wraps, and pretzel bread is just icing on the cake.  It even has decent vegetarian and vegan options not limited to fake meat to please more diet-restricted diners.  I hope luck shines on them more than it did the previous restaurant in the same spot. It’s good to have a wallet-friendly place to have a tasty lunch with fresh ingredients.

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Green Peas
4437 Sepulveda Blvd
Culver City, CA 90230
(310) 397-9815
Green Peas in Los Angeles

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