Grass Jelly Fixes Canker Sores!

Grass Jelly + Space Invaders

I’ve been eating too much hot qi food lately.  I ate a handful of lychee, not to mention a bunch of spicy stuff, and mango. So naturally, I got a canker sore in my mouth from all that hot qi. That’s why I bought a can of grass jelly from the Chinese market this weekend. That and it’s just a refreshing dessert to have around in the summer.

I prepare it in a simple way: a couple cubes of grass jelly, a few ice cubes, and a sprinkle of sugar.  That’s the way my mom used to serve it, so it’s the way I’m used to eating it.  Not a lot of people like the taste of it, but I’ve grown to like it.

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    • Will says

      Switching to non-SLS (sodium laurel / laureth sulfate) toothpaste can be a big help if you get them a lot.

      Pomelo, bitter melon, or other cold qi stuff seems to help too.

    • says

      It’s not scientific or anything, but my canker sore did get better after I ate some of the jelly and had some awful cold qi tea the night before.

  1. says

    I don’t eat too much hot qi food (as far as I know), but I get canker sores all the time. I’ll have to give grass jelly a try…

    I assume Ai Yu jelly doesn’t count? I like the taste of that a lot better 😉

  2. says

    Gonna bust out my can of grass jelly too. I like to add fresh fruits to it too. Have you ever tried Phoenix Desserts (many locations in LA). They serve some great desserts. I like their herbal tea to calm my qi.

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